What if you knew which messages
and media would drive increased sales
— prior to investment?

NewMediaMetrics is a unique, strategic marketing and analytics company rooted in helping marketers increase their marketing and media investment performance.

Founded in 2004 and incorporated in 2006, NewMediaMetrics has developed a host of powerful processes for a variety of blue-chip companies - processes which have improved both messaging and media performance.

Because our approach is quantitative, marketers can easily direct their investments toward media that will extract maximum marketing value.

Our Proprietary EA approach:

  • Identifies and defines your most lucrative targets.
  • Links those targets directly to the media they most intently consume.
  • Maximizes your marketing investments and ROI.

Clients include numerous blue-chip companies, Broadcast and Cable networks, as well as a variety of new and traditional media companies.

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Consumers are 40% more likely to pay attention to media they are highly attached to.*
Consumers who are emotionally attached to a brand are 2.5 times as likely to pay attention to an ad for that brand.*
Targeted consumers who are emotionally attached to a brand in the media they are emotionally attached to are 3 times more likely to consider purchasing that brand.*

* Source: Study conducted February 2010 by independent global media agency.

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