Marketing Applications

Employ NewMediaMetrics' EA Approach to
Improve Brand Performance and Revenues

Our Marketing Clients:

  • Receive a deep, quantified understanding of consumer Emotional Attachment related to their products and its impact on revenues.
  • Use EA to identify, quantify and define their most lucrative and “next in” strategic targets.
  • Identify the media highly saturated with their most valued targets.
  • Access predictive data and receive strategic input on new products, new ideas and new business directions.
  • Brand Strength Development Predicting Brand Strength

    Emotional Attachment (EA) plots out brand attachment across a unique 11-point scale to answer key strategic questions.

    • How strong is my brand?
    • Who is most attached to my brand and why?
    • Who is less attached to my brand and why?
    • Who is in my "strategic margin group" — who are "next in"?
    • What strategies and tactics will drive Emotional Attachment, product use and revenues?
  • Message Optimization Matching Brand Attachment
    to Messaging

    Emotional Attachment (EA):

    • Identifies the messages that resonate best with those most attached to your products.
    • Identifies the messages that resonate best with those most attached to competitors products.
  • Media Optimization Finding "Buyer Rich"
    Media Properties

    Emotional Attachment (EA) identifies:

    • The "Buyer Richness" of media properties to help maximize ROI.
    • Using "EA" — NMM finds and prioritizes media properties by quantifying the concentration of high-value brand buyers in each property.
  • Positioning Magnifying Brand Insights

    Emotional Attachment (EA) is used by many marketers to:

    • Magnify insights by user groups.
    • Identify strategic levers that optimize a brand's positioning and performance.
  • New Product Development Predicting Attachment to Behavior

    Emotional Attachment (EA) identifies how attached your most loyal customers will be to new product concepts and/or features.

    • Identifies and prioritizes those concepts and/or product features that should be invested in first.
  • Merchandising Matching Brand Attachment to Retail

    Emotional Attachment (EA) can identify:

    • Those products best suited in different retail establishments.
    • The merchandising strategies that will increase in-store velocity.


Consumers are 40% more likely to pay attention to media they are highly attached to.*
Consumers who are emotionally attached to a brand are 2.5 times as likely to pay attention to an ad for that brand.*
Targeted consumers who are emotionally attached to a brand in the media they are emotionally attached to are 3 times more likely to consider purchasing that brand.*

* Source: Study conducted February 2010 by independent global media agency.

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