Media Applications

Employ NewMediaMetrics' EA Approach to
Increase Media Property Value

Our Media Clients:

  • Identify their most loyal viewers.
  • Determine how to shift new viewer audiences to their properties.
  • Evaluate and prioritize new content/programming concepts.
  • Quantify the value of their media properties in targeting high-value brand buyers for ad sales.
  • Network Brand Optimization Develop In-Depth Network DNA Analysis

    Emotional Attachment (EA) identifies the viewers who are most attached to your media property and why. This provides in-depth detail to aid the development of:

    • Positioning
    • Programming/content investment decisions
    • Strategic planning efforts
  • Ad Sales Matching Consumer Brand Buyers
    with Media Properties

    Emotional Attachment (EA) identifies:

    • The target(s) most attached to your media properties.
    • The "Buyer Richness" of your media properties (the quantity of viewers who are high-value buyers of your marketing clients' products/services).
  • Viewer Analysis In-Depth Analysis of Those Predicted
    to View

    Emotional Attachment (EA) identifies how to attract new viewers to your media property by determining:

    • Who is the most attached to your media properties and why?
    • Who is on the cusp of viewing your media properties and why?
    • Which viewers can you obtain from competitors?
    • What content will draw viewership?
  • Programming Investment Analysis Analysis of Programming/Content
    Predicted to Succeed

    Emotional Attachment (EA):

    • Prioritizes programming concepts.
    • Identifies those that resonate best with your most loyal viewers.
    • Identifies those ideas not worth investing in.
  • Sponsorship Evaluation Matching brand connections with
    Sponsored Properties

    Emotional Attachment (EA) quantifies the value of sponsorship properties such as:

    • Sports Properties (the Olympics vs. NFL)
    • Entertainment Events (Academy Awards vs. Grammys)
    • Grass Roots Opportunities


Consumers are 40% more likely to pay attention to media they are highly attached to.*
Consumers who are emotionally attached to a brand are 2.5 times as likely to pay attention to an ad for that brand.*
Targeted consumers who are emotionally attached to a brand in the media they are emotionally attached to are 3 times more likely to consider purchasing that brand.*

* Source: Study conducted February 2010 by independent global media agency.

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