Custom Brand

NMM’s clients have increased
their brand growth by 3x
using the LEAP™ Platform

NMM has worked with a variety of marketers to develop in-depth (EA)™ studies and processes that link brand and media insight. These efforts help marketers quantify and analyze Emotional Attachment to their brands, determine what drives attachment and develop concrete strategies/tactics designed to improve brand and media performance.

In-depth Custom Analyses determine:

  • Who is attaching to your brand/brand portfolio?
  • Why? What triggers are causing attachment?
  • What messaging will drive increased use?
  • What media will optimize the performance of marketing investments?
  • What actions will increase brand revenues and marketing performance?

Benchmarking Studies provide marketers with tools to:

  • Benchmark, track and manage a brand's EA across NMM's 0-10 scale.
  • Develop action plans to increase overall EA and revenue potential among specific targets.

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